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Transcript - Victoria Police on protecting your home

I was a victim of burglary many years ago and I remember the impact that it had on my family in particular.

It was inconvenient, we had property stolen.

But the stress and trauma that was associated with that in terms of just concerns about whether the offender would come back, particular with my family and children.

It was a most stressful period for us at the time.

And what I learnt from that is that there are basic things that you can do to protect your home.

One of the first things of course is to lock your doors and your windows, to keep them secure particularly when you’re away from home.

Other things you can do, you might ask for neighbours or friends to look after the place if you’re away for periods of time.

Let police know that you’re away so they can check the premises.

But don’t leave things lying around to indicate that you’re away like newspapers or letters and things like that.

First thing, basic, is just lock your doors and lock your windows.

Whether you’re at home or not.

We do have offenders that break in when people aren’t at home but also when they’re at home at night and they come in and steal things from the house.

So that’s the very basic.

If you can afford it, consider a security system also.

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